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About Us

Bhoos is an online portal with the sole aim of bringing together people with a sense of community to interact with each other through online entertainment. Due to the adverse situation in Nepal, Nepal is witnessing an exodus of people into other countries in search of greener pastures. However, no matter where we are, we always have a soft spot for the country we were born in and grew up in. Bhoos aims to nurture this feeling by recreating popular Nepali leisure activities in the online medium and bring together people from anywhere in the globe to interact with each other through this medium.

Currently, we have started with the card game of Marriage. Marriage is very popular in Nepal and using this, we aim to bring together people who play this and interact with others in a community environment.

Marriage is only the first in a series of other online entertainment we aim to launch. We are working on other leisure activities which we will launch one by one. However, every online activity that we initiate will have one unifying feature – An environment for participants to interact with each other in a friendly community setting and build new friendships.